Our Mission

Slow Weddings Network (SWN) is a membership, non-profit  mutual benefit organization that is dedicated to the resource, education and promotion of professional, passionate and mindful small businesses around the globe.  We are creating a global network to connect  vendors with each other as well as couples to create personal, unique and phenomenal events.  This movement holds professionalism, passion and team-work as its core values with each vendor taking a ‘vow’ to hold a standard of mindfulness between them and the couple, the impact of their work as a whole and as a team for the best end result.

Our Background

The wedding industry has built an acceptance that you won’t eat, relax, mingle or even remember most of your wedding day. Well, “we” have been working with venues, vendors and couples to change this mentality and acceptance of a ‘fast wedding’. Slow Weddings was  started by a wedding planner who brought her 20 year background of health and wellness into her ‘mindful planning’ wedding business.  This positive, personal and professional approach gained momentum and popularity and has grown into a network of like minded business owners.  What makes this network different than other networks is that it is a non-profit; it has a grass roots marketing business model, and a Board of Directors that are dedicated to committing at least one year to the Slow Weddings Network.

This concept has been embraced wholeheartedly within our existing global network, where there is much support to come together and instigate change through this slow wedding approach to bring back the ceremony, the community and originality of special celebrations. Our goal is to move away from packages and cookie cutter weddings, using outdated preferred vendor lists and putting more original thinking into each occasion.

This membership organization is a non-profit and membership fees goes into the education of keeping the movement growing as well as being a resource for couples to find “Slow Wedding Vendors”.  The Slow Weddings Network began in the United States and is growing in Chile, Argentina, Italy, France and Spain.  Our Board of Directors are volunteers – each committed to continue lifting and strengthening this movement.

Our Members

Our membership is open to  full and part time business owners.  Alongside highly recognized names and established brands, will be small, local, mindful organizations that you may never find in a wedding advertisement.  These business owners bring professionalism, passion and incredible talent. Our members may belong to multiple networks, but what brings them to SWN is the importance of our values –   the art of slowing down, sourcing other like-minded vendors , connecting with like-minded clients and the reward  of seeing a couple enjoy their planning, family, friends and the incredibly special experience of their wedding day!

Our members are wedding industry businesses, artisans, specialty niche businesses and business owners that specialize in health and wellness.  Members also include venue managers such as hotels, inns, private home estates, farms, and private owned land space.